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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Last of the Summer Wine Party - Saturday 25th August

This Saturday the 25th !

Seomra Spraoi
(Last of the Summer Wine) Party !!
25th of August 2007

It All Kicks Off at 8:30:

Live Acoustic Music (five acts take the stage!)
followed by:

DJ Deko Deadly Tunez (Swords Massive/ bleedin' rapah sounds)
Fists in the Air Power DJ's (90's rave meets 80's metal)

Door Tax: €7 waged / €5 unwaged,

with all proceeds towards Seomra Spraoi
(a rent-raising / roof-raising benefit event!)

at Seomra Spraoi, 4 Mary's Abbey, off Capel Street (on LUAS line and opp. Rhodes Restaurant)

Tell your friends!

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Story telling on Friday 8.30pm

Storytelling evening with the Oh-Aissieux

You are invited to forget what Irish storytelling was, and find out what it might be.

Friday 17 August.

Show starts 9 pm. Doors 8.30 pm.

Soft drinks and biscuits will be served in the break.

Suggested donation: EUR 2.

Proceeds to the Seomra Spraoi.

You are invited to forget what Irish storytelling was, and find out what it might be.

The Seomra Spraoi is delighted to host an evening of storytelling with a performer who has already done a lot to promote his art as an innovative form of entertainment for savvy young urbanites.

Coilín Oh-Aissieux is the founder and a co-organiser of the Narrative Arts Club, which has brought innovative storytelling to young adults in Dublin since November 2005.

Here's how one visitor to the Narrative Arts Club in the Central Hotel in May described the experience:

"This is something modern, perplexing and thoroughly engaging, which knows no boundaries and succumbs to few taboos."

Coilin performs from a very diverse repertoire, ranging from accounts of his own misadventures with mushroom soup to shamanic tales from Greenland, the Arabian Nights and the Tibetan saga, Gesar of Ling. He also performs the old Irish saga, Mael Dun's Voyage, though he wouldn't like his work with Irish motifs to overshadow his international repertoiire.

"There's no point being nationalistic about it," he says. "As far as I'm concerned, the Greenlandic shaman stories are just as much my heritage as any Celtic saga."

Coilin is looking forward to performing for members and friends of the Seomra Spraoi. At a recent meeting of the collective, he told us how he wants to reclaim some of the territory that has been captured by corporate media such as the cinema, and to establish storytelling as a form of entertainment that is just as relevant as movies like Trainspotting and Fight Club. If the response is good, he is prepared to make it a series of evenings for us in the Seomra Spraoi.

So come on over, and invite your friends. Let's see a good crowd for this first new event, so he knows we want him to come again. Phone your friends and invite them in person!

Be entertained.
Be perplexed.
Be moved.
Or bemused.
But be there!

Background detail:
Narrative Arts Club to be founded in Dublin

Beginning at the end: Dublin's Narrative Arts Club

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Film screening every Wednesday - Belleville rendezvous

belleville rendezvous/bellville triplets/tri de bellevilles sa seomra tomorrow!

After probably the most controversial Tour De France in history relax and enjoy this whimsical look at the Tour amongst other things.
Not that it's still without a fair share of skullduggery.
A wonderful animated short - with the most addictive score of all time - covering themes as varied as friendship, a mother's love, fat dogs and trains, the power of music and toasted frogs and ze mafia.

Very 1930s/1940s not so politically correct in places but shure what is? Beautiful animation in an autumnal style...

Accompanied by some political shorts (about 35 minutes or so)


Please forward

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Screening of Independent Short Films - Wednesday 7.30pm

Venue: Seomra Spraoi

Directions: Coming from Capel St bridge, turn left at the Boar's Head off Capel Street, large grey-blue building on your right, old Melody Maker building. It is across the road from the "Capel Building" and Rhodes restaurant. It is on the Luas track.

Time 7:30

Suggested Donation: Waged/Unwaged 2.50 /2.00

If you want to screen a feature/short/documentary/music video..........

More Info on Pro Bono Publicohttp://www.probonodublin.com/

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