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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Revolutionary Love Gig - Thursday April 26th

Revolutionary Love Gig - Thursday April 26th

Acoustic Sets from punk to flamenco in support of popular democracy prisoners in Oaxaca, Mexico

Thurs 26th April @ 21.30 Seomra Spraoi hosts Lynched!, Mark Malone and Manzano (Spain)

4 E on the door, proceeds go for legal and medical support of imprisioned activists from APPO popular democracy movement in Oaxaca, Mexico

For more info on Oaxaca check out: www.narconews.org

Related Link: http://chiapas.indymedia.org/index.php?category=13

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Make and Do this Saturday morning

Make and Do Workshop
Sat Apr 21 11am - 1pm
Having a cup of Arts and Crafts Morning
How it will be run

• free/€1 donation
• tea/ccoffee/biscuits for sale (made by us) or bring
• your own (either way, you’ll have a choice and it will be cheap)
• each session bring your own supplies
• work on your own project and/or there will be activities fore each session
• there will also be a supplies box for those who to use it or, donate items into it
• myspace/mailout for folks; people can make suggestions, we can put pics up from each week
• should be for all ages and sexes etc.
• open to everyone
• show a movie every so often
• music chilled

a place of peace and creativity. A temporary residence tha feels like home.
This Saturday, 21st of April at 'Cuppocrafts' it's time to get funky with your old rekkids. How? Here's how...
Bring along any old and preferably wrecked 7" or 12"records and you can transform them into a bowl! Oh yeah.
It's gonna be so easy to do and you can impress all our friends when they call round with your super-fly bowl (in fact you could use it to trap flies but they'd have to be very big insects. Stick to simplicity).

So, pop along and have a go or bring whatever project you'd prefer to work on.

There will be refreshments and treats too.

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