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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Seomra Spraoi meeting tonight

Seomra Spraoi meeting this evening, Thursday at 7.30pm. All invited to attend.

Please find below minutes from last weeks meeting.

If you require any further details please contact seomraspraoi at gmail dot com

Minutes by Mark, Meeting Thursday 24th September 2006

Sorry as I only started talking minutes after meeting had started, so I didn’t get a list of all present. There was about 10 peoples present from RAG, Revoltand Seomra ( I think that was all the groups represented)
Please add/amend if needed
Minutes of Seomra Spraoi meeting 24th September 2006

1 S. proposed that RAG launch their new magazine in the space on the 7th October. From 5pm to approx 11-12. Suggest entry of 5 euro with magazine. Hope to provide food, and after cost will donate rest to space. Will have 2 people doing the door. May have an acoustic event. Marianne/Clare will give more details
unanimously passed. Everyone thought it was a great idea, and congrats to RAG

2 C from WSM propsed that wsm put on an open anarchosocial on Friday 6th oct, and will pay 50 euros forthe nite. Passed but was noted that positive space needs to worked out soon. And that space needs to be cleaned up and ready for the RAG event.

3 Pig Brother. M asked for volunteers o help out withevent sat 23rd. Cheers to all at revolt and others who turned out.

4 decision made to start process of Positive Space policy this Thursday. Copies of existing one to be brought along. Lots of discussion about things we cant put on the list so come along to the meetings if you want to get involved in the process of gettingb afunctional policy. It was noted that it is to be a POSITIVE space policy and as such is not just a list of things we don’t want to see/do/have happen but rather be reflective of thetype of space we’d like to see everywhere.

Noted that Rossport Solidarity camp are working on one at the minute
Email D who is traveling around to see if space around Europe have developed, or tried to develop such a policy
Should include specifics of the space, smoking firstaid etc

5 No fun without the Funds. D posted finaces to list. Was suggested that perhaps we should have more than one person taking on all the responsibilbity for accounts to lessen burden and increase access to depositing into account etc. Where we getting too comfortable and perhaps if folks within the wider millue thought that the place was gonna disappear they might be likely to get involved
Should get on with organising a monthly seomra spraoievents(s)

Check out prices for glass in broken window…NOT a bigone though phweeeew!!!!
Get a working hoover

6 Revolt to have a Polish revolt nite 29th sept.though some exception for other nationalities may bemade…oh and yeah seems the polish guys think our beer is like piss water and they can drink it all nite longwithout getting drunk. ( seem a bit like youthful wishful thinking to me but hey perhaps we could put it to the test eh G???)

7 A is to price broadband to be used in space and is willing to use own account funded by donation tin beside computer….which we still have to get yet

8 Practical stuff to sort outmake safe smoking area…how many folks can be out there at once???Lock for our door

AOB just for folks who want to use the space to come along and get involved with the development of a positive space policy this thursday

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Friday, September 15, 2006

Anarchist Youth Meeting and Educational

Meeting and discussion on "No Platform for Fascists"

The next Anarchist Youth meeting is on Saturday 16th at four o' clock in Seomra Spraoi.Apart from the usual organisational work the meeting will include a discussion on "No Platform for Fascists"Before the meeting members of anarchist youth will be at the Terence Wheelock Protest that starts at 2:30 pm by Sean Mcdermot st church.

http://www.indymedia.ie/article/78231Seomra Spraoi is on the north side of the Quays above a blue furniture shop, just head down past the ha'penny bridge and keep going there'll be someone to let you in.


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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Minutes of Meeting 7th September 2006

Minutes 7th September 2006

Present: Mark, Ciaron, William, Marianne, Andrew, Clare, Paul, Jude, Erik (I think, soory bro if I am wrong) , Barra
Facilitator: Ciaron
Minutes taken by Barra
Agenda: - AAA
- Events
- Revolt Video
- Keys
- Safer Space
- Messy users of space


This Sunday, 10th September at 2pm, Seomra SpraoiNeeded for the event
1) Entertainment
2) Food

1) Entertainment: people brings CDs
2) Food: Bearing in mind this no cooking facilities could people bring food like salads etc. (that require no cooking). Agenda for AAA (so far)- Introductions -- Discussion on Rossport Solidarity Camp/Shell to Sea- Update from all groups/campaigns present- Car Free Day- Future discussion on Safer Spaces/Sexual Violence
Ciaron will be there to open up Seomra Spraoi

1) WSM national conference Sat/ Sun 14/15th October: closed event, might be social afterwards
2) Revolt Screening Wed 13th September: 8:30 c indymedia events for details (3 euro unwaged 5 euro wage, money go to paying rent in SP)
3) Pig Brother: Skit about “less lethal weaponsâ€\u009D their effects and how to deal with them, with Q&A after. (to be confirmed)
4) French anarco/syn. Speakers (to be confirmed)
5) Puppets without stings: An NGO who teach illiterate children in war countries the dangers of land mines tough puppets and images. (to be confirmed)
6) Indian Drummers (to be confirmed)
If events are charging money no one will be turned away because of lack of funds.

Revolt Video
- Revolt Vid. Have not worked out a system of how the editing suite will be used by other groups yet- Editing suite will only be used for video editing, photoshop work and if/when in future there is internet the editing suite will not be connected because a virus could wreck the editing system.- The topic of getting maybe two other computers people could use for other activites apart from video editing and setting up a internet working group to: Find out were to get computers, desks and internet connection

KeysGroups take need keys-
Bad books-
Kids Space-
Prisoner Support
Also individuals who are not in these groups but who use the space. Its cost about 10 euro to cut a set of keys.

8Safer Space- Safer space obviously effects everyone who uses SP. - I guideline should be drawn up for SP A.S.A.P to address this complex issue, and displayed on the wall.- Safer space will be on the agenda for AAA- An AAA just about Safer Space.

RAG- Need storage space, self etc- There is an old filing cabinet in Gers that could be used, people needed to collect it (very funkin heavy carrying it down a few fights of stairs), Maybe keep filing cabinet out side the door upstairs to save space.


Messy people using the space- CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF there be no servants in Seomra Spraoi.

NEEDED to be done/ acquired - Removing remaining rubbish- Supplies for first aid- Stackable, foldable chairs Check out free cycle and jumbletown.ie for some of the aboveOver and Out

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Friday, September 08, 2006

Anti Authoritarian Assembly

Anti Authoritarian Assembly and Social

This Sunday, 10th September at 2pm, Seomra Spraoi

Everyone is urged to attend the next AAA, which is a regular gathering of individuals and groups who are involved in libertarian/anarchist/DIY-type activities in Dublin city (you don't have to have any affiliation or label to come along).

The agenda will be drawn up on the day however, the general format for the day will include:
- Tea/Coffee/Water
- Introductions
- Discussion on Rossport Solidarity Camp/Shell to Sea
- Update from all groups/campaigns present
- Car Free Day
- Future discussion on Safer Spaces/Sexual Violence
- Any other future proposals
- Any other business

If anyone as anything else to add to the agenda come along on the day or email seomraspraoi@gmail.com in advance.

After the meeting there will be food and some music. This will give us all a chance to relax and chat. The social side of the meeting should definitely have kicked off by 5pm so those of you too delicate to sit through the AAA but interested in hanging out with the cream of Dublin’s libertarian activists should come along then. Bring food, bring music. All welcome.

Seomra Spraoi is on the first floor, 6 Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin 1 (on the north quays between the Millennium Bridge and Capel St bridge, ring the top buzzer).

The last AAA took just two hours and was very enjoyable. Hopefully this too will prove to be an interesting and pleasant day.

(Note: It was hoped that there would be a speaker from Rossport Solidarity Camp present to tell us all about what is going on there. At the moment unfortunately it is unlikely they can make. Therefore, there will perhaps be a more general discussion about the Camp and the campaign and what we in Dublin can do to help. This will be for the first 15 or 20 minutes.)

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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Meeting Thursday 7.30

Meeting this Thursday and every Thursday at 7.30m.

There is lots going on and the more people involved the better.

Come along, No. 6 Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin 1.

For directions or more info email: seomraspraoi@gmail.com

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