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Friday, March 03, 2006

Minutes 02/03/06

Seomra Spraoi Minutes

Date: 02.03.’06
Facilitator: Ciaran
Minutes taker: Clare
Venue: EENGO office

Present: Pablo, Marianne, Mark, Clare, William, Deirdre, Ciaran.

· Freeshop
· Premises
· Email and internal communication
· Workshop at Anarchist book fair

Freeshop: The freeshop will happen at the Anarchist Bookfair on both Friday evening from 8pm and on Saturday 12- 5pm. Everyone is encouraged to bring along decent stuff (the same quality of stuff you would like to get). Clare and others will set up on Friday, come along to help if you can. People are asked to volunteer to keep an eye on the freeshop for an hour over the two days. Ciaran will put a notice on Indymedia events list. Mark will get it moved on to the bookfair blog, Marianne will put it in thumped.ie. Clare will put it out on GrassrootsDissent list and ask David to copy it to Leinster FreeCycle list. William will bring along Seomra Spraoi leaflet and the Standing Order form to the freeshop.

Pallas Heights flats are to be demolished so we won’t be able to ask them could we use the flat for a month.
We spoke again about the premise on the northside. People will go to see it again. Mark will speak to the Revolt people.
Deirdre has looked into a number of different possibilities and will follow some up with some letters. She will try to organise a meeting in the next few weeks with people who might be able to offer space, even if it is short term.

Email list: Ciaran to look into list issue further. A certain amount of dancing took place.

Workshop at the Anarchist Book Fair: Seomra Spraoi will take part in a workshop about social centres. William brought along text including points which may be made at the workshop. They discussed the workshop but the person taking the minutes dossed off home so no one will ever know what happened next.

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