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Friday, February 03, 2006

Minutes 02/02/06

Minutes 02/02/06

Week’s Events
Revolt Video

The space will be open from 2pm to 6pm on Saturday and from 4pm till later on Sunday.

There’ll be a Freeshop will be on from 2pm to 6pm this Saturday. Ciaran and Kim volunteered to be the people there. Anyone can come down and bring stuff to share/swap.
There’ll be a movie organised by Shorty from 6pm on Saturday.

Bad Thoughts is on from 6pm on Sunday. The basic structure will be one person giving a brief presentation before a general discussion. The wonderful Dara volunteered to prepare a brief discussion on the understanding of time presented in Debord’s Society of the Spectacle and of the economic basis of how we experience time. Dunk will discuss the relevance of the Celtic new year, with the Imbolc festival.

We also agreed that Mark would lead a discussion next week on Peak Oil and Sustainable Energy and Henry would lead on the following weekend on Bolivia.

Week’s Events:
As of last night, the events for the upcoming week are:
Monday: RAG @ 7.30pm and Pablo’s Spanish lesson @7.30pm (in Revolt video room)
Tuesday: Anarchist Legal Support @7.30pm
Wednesday: Revolt Tutorial @ 7.30pm
Thursday: Seomra Spraoi @ 7.30pm
Friday: Anti-Authoritarian Assembly @ 7.30pm
Saturday: Freeshop, Film organised by Mark
Sunday: Music Session and food (Deirdre).

Revolt Video:
Revolt are back in action and doing lots of cool stuff. Every Wednesday they’ll be doing tutorials and skillsharing in various aspects of video production

We will be looking at setting up toilet facilities upstairs


Entrance Policy:
There was a general discussion about using the space and our relationship with Gerard, it was felt that we need to be more confident about doing events. It was also pointed out that the hours that we are using the space can be changed if it is more convenient. Also that we need to be more clear about who is the contact person for Gerard. It was pointed out that we have a lot of ideas, but that we should be more confident about making them happen.

A couple of ideas came up, one was using the front room on the ground floor as a gallery space allowing artists to showcase their work.
Also, Barry the Hat suggested that instead of doing a single mural painting day, we should do them regularly. He undertook to look into buying paper rolls that we can put up on the walls and change regularly, doing wall painting days frequently.

Anarchist Bookfair 3&4th March:
There will be a discussion during the Bookfair on Social Spaces vs Political Spaces, William has already agreed to talk on behalf of Seomra Spraoi, but all are welcome to come along and join the discussion.
There’ll be a Seomra Spraoi Stall at the Bookfair which needs volunteers.

Mark was wondering if we could organise something in the Seomra for the 5th. Revolt already have an event planned and Ciaran and Dunk volunteered to look into the films on inner city gentrification. It was agreed that what we do will be relaxed and Kim suggested doing a lunch.

Deirdre is considering doing African dance workshops in the future. Dunk wants to look into the possibility of Radio broadcasts and sending stuff out onto the street. Henry and Barry Benefit will get stuff from Red Ink during the week.

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