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Friday, December 09, 2005

Minutes 8th December

as anthony said, 4 people got to the meeting for 8.15, 45 minutes
after it was supposed to start. The following are what was suggested
at the very short meeting and in subsequent discussions. Because of
the size, the only decisions that were made were concerning the layout
of saturday.

Minutes 8th December

Documenting Seomra Spraoi's birth
Non-meeting on Saturday

Documenting Seomra Spraoi's birth:
Paul was at a Dublin Community TV meeting and thought that it would be
useful to document via film and other media the birth of Seomra Spraoi
and to possibly get the film shown on DCTV.

Non-meeting on Saturday:

This meeting will require 2 people to facilitate and one to give the
history. If someone whohas been involved in Seomra Spraoi from the
start could volunteer to give it, that'd be best. Also, they will need
to be tightly watched for time, so everyone should be conscious of
this when they are speaking.

Food – There's been a few people offering to do food for Saturday, and
Ciaran has volunteered to be the 'leadership of ideas'. That is, if
you want to do food, call him so that everybody doesn't buy the same
stuff. If you buy food, bring receipts and I will repay you. People
who are happy to help out with food should come to NOM at 1ish.
Ciaran: 086 170 9873

1:30-2:00 Housekeeping
2:00-2:15 Introductions & brief history of Seomra Spraoi
2:15-2:30 Break into groups for discussion of
1) What do you want from a social centre?
2) What shared principles will the centre have?
2:30-2:45 Back into larger group to report back from these groups
2:45-3:30 Discuss what ideas from both 1) and 2) are shared and try to
resolve any problems between conflicting principles.
Identify what working groups should be formed.
3:30-4:00 Lunch
4:00-4:40 People split into whichever working group they want to be
part of and discuss the group's internal organisation and how they
will interact with other working groups
4:40-5:00 Report back from each working group on what they will be doing.

Explanation of the terms used:
Housekeeping: This is a discussion of the very simple technical
details that need to be sorted out with the running of the space. It
involves things such as: post to the centre, distribution of keys, and
implementation of decisions that have already been made (no smoking
etc.). the people most relevant to the discussion will be those who
have had experiences with the difficulties that have arisen so far.

Principles: fairly clear. Basically, we're a diverse group and we just
have to recognise this and recognise what we have in common. Some
principles that have been agreed upon so far are a belief in
decentralised, autonomous action and the desire to have a space that
is non-commercial.

Working Groups: the point of breaking into working groups at the
non-meeting is so that we don't have to try and macro-organise
everything at a single Seomra Spraoi Meeting. It just means that we
can be more efficient. Some of the working groups we identified as
needing are: Library, Finance, Events (this includes the Art group
that had formed previously), and Work. The Work working group just
means a group that would identify and organise for the physical
preparation and maintenance of the space, actually doing the work
would still be everyone's responsibility.

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Friday, December 02, 2005

Minutes for December 1st meeting

Minutes for December 1st meeting
12 people present
Dara Facilitation
Barry Benefit Minutes

Revolt Video collective laboratory
Anarchist prisoner / legal support
Update on pluming / work
Meeting Saturday week
Moving rooms

*Revolt Video collective laboratory

Paul has computer video editing equipment wants to take separate room for
video activist collective , would be part of the social centre (wants
separate room for security of equipment)

Idea of activist video collective is that you could pick an issue you wanted
to cover and could have the equipment to make it , Northern visions
interested in showing the documentaries the collective makes

Would have cd duplicator

Plans to have workshops for people on how to use editing equipment etc

Proposal agreed upon , Paul to ask Gerard if he can take one of the upstairs

*Anarchist Prisoner / Legal Support

Every Tuesday in the social centre there will be anarchist prisoner and
legal support . Starting this Tuesday there will be letter writing to
prisoners everyone is welcome to attend .
Then the following Tuesday there will be the legal support end of things
where people will meet and compile legal information in relation to
different aspects of law (such as trespass etc) this information will be
put into a website format and free sheet anyone with information on laws etc
please attend will work similar to anarchist black cross . Thus when
protests / demo’s occur legal information will be already complied and legal
teams / observers will be easier to have


Ciaran (of the forgotten zine library) wants to set up a library committee
to manage the zine and book library he needs volunteers interested in
getting involved in library

Plans on making the library into three parts >
1) Bad books lending library
2) Resource Library (Stuff like Mayday clippings , information on legal
support see above , how to information like bike maintenance , pirate radio
3) Zine Library

People interested please get in touch with him at : c_walsh123@hotmail.com
or 086-1709837


Today William got advice on pluming , getting water upstairs should be quite
easy , downstairs will prove difficult
Needs to buy stuff
Anyone with pluming advise or information / help please get in contact by
mailing the list


Barry D put sockets in seomra spraoi room
If people are around over the weekend toilet downstairs still needs work
Banisters on staircase need work (bits around the place to fix them)
Recycling needs to be set up
If people are about over the weekend please pop by if you have free time to
do some work

*Meeting Saturday Week (10 December)

Was decided to hold the meeting in St Nicholas of Myra (after long
discussion) as it was taught the social centre wouldn’t hold a lot of people
and St Nicholas of Myra would be better as its open to the public and the
social centre is not ready to be open to the public yet

Ideas for meeting : Decide purpose of social centre / policies of centre
such as safe and positive space / What people want the space for , uses etc
/ When it could be opened to the public / principals for groups using it

It was decided to do a poster for Red Ink advertising the meeting (Ciaran
said he would do it)
William email the list etc

Ciaran said he would do cooking for the meeting if people helped him (will
have to arrive around 12 at St Nicholas of Myra to do this) contact him on :
c_walsh123@hotmail.com or 086-1709837

Was decided meeting would start at 2pm sharp so arrive early
Also in St Nicholas of Myra the same day , Anarchist / Anti Fascist Youth
are having a meeting from 1pm onwards with introductions to anarchism ,
movie showings etc

*Moving rooms

Gerard said the downstairs would be available as he wanted to move upstairs
, everyone in favour of taking downstairs and keeping upstairs as well
Downstairs depends on when Gerard will move (he should be asked by people
who where nominated to talk to him , we could offer him help moving)


Dara needs new treasurer for during crimbo as he is going away , any takers

Collective Practice space : There is currently a collective practice space
for bands being set up in Drumcondra , Help is needed in sound proofing or
any advice by those with experience , Materials like mattress are needed
please get involved contact Daragh on 085-7103532

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