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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Minutes 17th Nov

Minutes: Joanne
Facilitating: David
Present: 16 people

Stencil Exhibition
Work Weekend
Art Group
Upcoming Events
Opening Date
Positive (Safer) Spaces

To make dealings with the landlord more organised, two regular contact
people were nominated. Eoin and Claire volunteered. This position can
be rotated after a couple of months. We also need to set up a clear
plan of occupancy with the landlord.
The door was left open on Sunday, we need to be very careful about this.
Also, we should see if we can help him out if he's doing work around the house.

We have 1776.72 in the bank at the moment and 100 in cash.
We're making 100 in standing orders per month, but are paying out 200
in upkeep.
So, we need to try and encourage everyone who is using the space to
contribute if they're able to. Do we need to do a fundraiser?

Stencil Exhibition:
Dara wants to do a stencil exhibition in January. It's an exhibition
being put on in social centres in Czech Republic and Poland and all
we'd have to do is pay for postage. The exhibition will expand and
evolve at each place it goes and will be good for building up links
with other social centres.

Should we put links to other social centres on our blog?
It was agreed we'd have a workshop on how to use the blog at 7.00pm
next Thursday.

This Weekend:
We're having a work weekend this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
A timetable of people to be here over the weekend was compiled.
It was decided to scrub and clean the floor, putting linseed oil on
it, instead of sanding it. This will be done on Sunday morning, so
that it can be left to dry after that. We also need to clear out the
room opposite. A complete list of work to be done is at the social
centre, on the whiteboard.
Abridged List:
Friday: Clear out opposite room, clear upstairs room for next weekend,
sweep Seomra Spraoi room. Sort out bins/recycling
Saturday: Clear out opposite room, clear upstairs room, empty Seomra
Spraoi room. Sort out access through basement. Sort lighting for
Sunday: Scrub and put linseed oil on the floor

People need to try and be at the room as early as possible to make use
of daylight hours.

Art Group:
A group planning for Arty event planning is forming.
They'll be meeting at 4.30 on Monday to look at how the space can be
used for the opening.


As well as the arty meeting, there'll be a general meetin on Monday at
7.00pm to work out the plan for next weekend's opening. We need to
type up the basic Positive Space Policy for the next meeting, so that
it can be agreed upon for the opening weekend. This is something that
should be taken on board by everyone who uses the space. Dara agreed
to type up a basic synopsis from the positive space meeting for the
next meeting.

Meeting for group doing an Art and Architechture magazine.

Barry has a photocopier for Seomra Spraoi which needs toner. He'll buy
toner now which we'll pay for, but we won't move the photocopier for a

Ireland from Below:
Seomra Spraoi has an article in the new community grassrootsy paper,
Ireland from Below. We even got onto the front page.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Seomra Spraoi Work Weekend

The weekend of 18/19/20 of November has been set aside as a work weekend at 47 Middle Abbey Street. All help badly needed.

Everyone is invited to come along, drop in over the weekend, roll up their sleeves and help out in a very practical way.

There's lots to do:
figuring out

All people with all or no skills are extremely welcome to attend. It'll be all action with a few tea breaks thrown in. Wear old clothes, bring a sandwich, bring gloves or any tools that you think might be useful during the weekend.

This work is badly needed if this place is to become the excellent resource it could be.

If you call by give the door bell a ring or ring (086) 200 1039, this is the Seomra Spraoi phone that is always left at the place so if someone is at the door we'll know.

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Friday, November 04, 2005

We need you!

There's a lot of work that needs to be done, so please come along if you have a minute.
There'll be people working all through the weekend, starting at Friday evening and continuing to Saturday. If you have a moment, come along and help out.
If you get there before everybody else, there should be a key kept in Red Ink.
For work to do, look at the work book that's in the room, but there's loads of stuff: the ceiling needs to be pained (bring white paint if you have it), the room opposite needs to be tidied (check with the occupant that its rubbish) so you could take a bag of rubbish from the room and throw it out, the floor needs to be fixed and washed and ther's lots of cleaning to be done.

Also, there's loads to be done over the week. If people with free time could sort out a group to come in over the week and email the list, then we can sort you out with a key.

There's also a big work weekend planned for 2 weeks time, so all the help available will be needed then.

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Friday, November 04, 2005

Minutes 3rd November

Agenda: Work, Rent, Events, Report from Indymedia, Keys, Electricity, Water, Ungdomshuset, Opening, Stream Thing, Bike trailer, Article in Community Struggles, Feedback from Party AOB. (not necessarily in that order)
Facilitating: Marianne
Minutes: Dara

Room was left in a mess after the Save Tara party, it was cleaned up.
Set up work this weekend, starting from Friday evening. Barry, Dunk, Mark will be at the centre from 6pm on Friday evening. Laurence will be there on Saturday from between 2 and 5 pm. Mark will try to be there fon Sunday.
Work to be done over weekend: (we need volunteers!)
- floor is priority (fixed and washed/sanded)
-ceiling to be painted
-carpentry to be done (windows etc)
-space to be cleared in other room: this can be done by people taking a bag of rubbish each out of the room (checking that it is rubbish with Gerard) and throwing it away themselves
-windows to be patched.
-keys to be cut.
-doorbell to be purchased and placed (with magnet?) onto grey timber frame
there is a list of jobs outstanding in the work book
Suggestion of a doley group forming to do work over the week.
A serious working weekend will be organised for 2 weeks time.
Paul's computers will be coming up soon
desks are available for the room (paul B, dara)

Plumbing & Electricity
Plumbing working group formed: William, Mark, Clare, Marianne
We have agreed to pay for the electricity that we use.

we'll cut 2 more keys, need to keep track of them. One will be kept in Red Ink.

Mobile Phone:
We're getting a phone for the centre, it should be bought by today.

We have started paying rent for the room that we are using.

Events (Clare to buy a diary):
Anarcha-Fem Collective every second monday
Indymedia: first Weds of each month
Anti-Authoritarian Assembly on the 13th Nov.
Knitting Evening this Tuesday
It was agreed that we should try to keep each Tuesday as a workshop/skillsharing evening.

Report from Indymedia Meeting:
Worry about wheelchair access.
Indymedia would like to use the basement, but it was suggested that the basement would be unsuitable for computers, and that we had already suggested using it for gigs/practice space etc. There is also the point that welding is done in the basement.
They would like to have 5 computers there as free net access and to have a physical media centre so that stories, images, video etc. could be uploaded onto indymedia during and after big events. At these times, several indymedia people would be present to help people upload data and would have responsibility for the computers.
Indymedia will contribute to our development of a positive space policy.
the space that Indymedia use will not be separate to the Seomra Spraoi space, it will be part of the social centre.
Issues to be resolved with Indymedia:
-which space they will use
-should they talk to Gerard about openness?
Indymedia wants to be as open as possible, and they have agreed to donate 200 euro to setting up the centre.

The social centre in Copenhagen is under threat of eviction, and there are strong Copenhagen-Dublin links. A suggestion of a solidarity letter from Seomra Spraoi to Ungdomshuset. Also an exhibition to be done of Ungdomshuset artwork near the time of the court case.

An official opening to get people involved to be held on the weekend after the work weekend (ie. 3 weekends away)
Have an art exhibition, a discussion of how the space can be used and maybe a bit of acoustic trad sesh.

Stream Feedback:
The technology from the audio stream from the darklight Symposium worked well, and can be used again. There is also the possibility of expanding what can be done (web cam etc.) in the future. It should be possible to do an audio broadcast from the centre.

Bike Trailer:
we agreed to use the box-bike contraption for the centre, keeping it upstairs. This can be used to transport loads of stuff.

Leaflets need to be printed out, so do photos for the stall on Friday's gig (tonight!)

Community Struggles Article:
Seomra Spraoi will have an article in the CS magazine. Anyone who wishes to send things in, (photos, text), email them to William.

Feedback from Party:
The space has a lot of potential for big events, but was left in a mess!

email address is needed (marianne has done it already)
a guestbook for users of the space to write comments and drawings etc.
Kitty wants to do a Legal Defence calendar from the centre.
Political Prisoner Support to be set up.

We need to time limit meetings in future

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