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Friday, October 28, 2005

minutes 27th Oct

Report from Monday
Indymedia Wednesday
The Drum

Present: Barry, Sam, Claire, Dunk, Joanne, Eilis, Pablo, Nathan and Dara
Facilitating - barry b
minutes - dara

Keys: Dara, Aline & Tamarac have one each. Dara will drop his into Red Ink at earliest opportunity
Phone: paul will have a sim card in a week, Barry already has a handset.
Fire: Frank & Claire are going to have a proper look at safet issues
Yann (the carpenter) needs help from volunteers to do carpentry over the weekend
Monday was decided as a general day of work

Dunk is doing a Internet Radio Broadcast on Friday 28th of the Darklight Media Symposium (the future of digital media?)
we have a meeting to discuss Indymedia's usage of the social centre with them at 6.30 on weds 2nd Nov. we'll be meeting without them at 5.30pm to work out how the space can be used etc.
The Alliance for Choice have asked to use the social centre at some time in the future (hand-waving ensued)
The RAGS, anarcha-fem collective have asked to use the space to hold an open discussion soon, as well as to be able to have their own meetings there on fortnightly tuesdays.
A suggestion to hold a video screening on social centres on Thursday 3rd Nov, ie. before our next meeting

Report from Monday:
Aggressive or Offensive behaviour is not tolerated, there will be a focus on individuals challenging such behaviour and a policy of active support in this challenge. At all times there will be people who will be willing to do conflict resolution, including one woman at larger events. A workshop in Conflict Resolution will be organised. there will be a focus on peaceful resolution, but it may become necessary for people to be removed.
If a journo comes to the centre to do a story, or on other nefarious journalistic machinations, they are expected to declare their schemes upon entering the centre and respect the wishes of the users.
[for more details see the minutes from Monday's meeting]

He's sick of answering the door, we need to sort out the doorbell as soon as possible. Has Paul B aked him the questions that we had prepared?

We may need to start paying rent on the room soon, another point for Paul B to sort out.

There is a drum downstairs. yippee.

Barry Benefit has asked for a seomra spraoi info table to be done at the gig on Friday 4th Nov. Claire will set it up, but everyone is asked to help. Also, we need photos and stuff to decorate the stall, so anyone with photos of the room (as it was and as it is) and events (like the zine reading) are asked to give them to claire or to leave them in the centre for the stall.

We need to get water up to the sink on the landing, we have pipe, we only need someone willing to (and preferably capable of) do the work. The toilet in the basement also needs work.

This needs a lot of work, and a trained electrician. We need for electricity to be brought up to the 2nd floor and for sockets to be installed. This is a lot of work, so we agreed to pay people who are willing to do it.

We need to be more regular in putting stuff up onto the blog.

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Minutes of Meeting October 20th 2005

Facilitating: Cian
Minutes: David

PEOPLE THERE:Clare,Duncan,Sam,Dara,Cian,Pablo,David,Dunchee,Marianne,Aline,BarryL,Paul B,Eoin(..sorry for any spelling mistakes/ommissions)

AGENDA:Work done
Work to do
Electricity & Plumbing
Fire (safety)
Carpets or Floorboards
Safer/Positive Spaces Policy

Work to do:- another coat of paint on ceiling- cover wall on Epicurean Food Hall side withnoticeboard (Clare's suggestion); Marianne said thatwall was to be used for library shelves - Tamarak willlook at what kind of shelves are needed- finish painting that wall anyway- someone is coming with white and yellow paintPiping/water & electricity- we need to replace pipes; William's friend haslooked and said it's fixable- if anyone knows electricians, ask them if they'rewilling to help- electricity - what exactly do we want?Striplights/light-bulb on roof? Sockets in wall?- Painting and plastering needs to be done- windows need carpentry on them; Duncan & Aline saidthey would get in touch with friends for assistance- Does floor/stairs need bolstering? How many peoplecan they hold? What is under floorboards? (conditionof wood etc.)- Where are people to paint? Over the artwork alreadyon the walls?- Dunchee (?) suggested brilliant white on ceilingProposal: paint ceiling brilliant white; walls generalwhite/cream; keep architraves
Some people objected initially, but then withdrewtheir objections; consensus was reached - proposal wasaccepted- Other room - start clearing it out; check with Gerwhat's to be kept; need to check with Ger about rent,and space between rooms;
Cian said that someone has totalk to Ger about other room; Paul volunteered to talkto Ger- Toilet - William's friend said it needs to bereplaced; Marianne and Eric had a look also, and saythat the only problem is the cistern leaking cleanwater-
Questions (for Ger): will other room incurincreased costs? Since we're doig work in the house,could we ask for discount on 2nd room, or even to haveit for free/very cheaply? at least have it for freewhile it is being renovated?
Call a second meetingabout other room for weekend?- Can money from lead-piping go towards a new toilet?- Proposal about Paint - accept free paint (..whetherit's "environmentally-friendly" or not); when buyingnew paint, buy only organic/environmentally-friendlypaint => no one objected- Cian proposed a cordless door-bell; consensus

- Furniture - one more couch? Irish Times might begiving away furniture (..someone mentioned shortlyafterwards that their office isn't moving untilJanuaray); make our own bench? how much furniture wetake depends on whether or not we take 2nd room

- Fire - Clare thinks fire in room is a bad idea,safety-wise; also, it might be colder when fire is noton; Barry has sweeps though; Fire extinguisher andalarm = > call-out to see if any one has one on list?Fire insurance was mentioned as well

Proposed Events:- Tuesday 25th October - Someone coming from England(?) to talk about a women's zine; ( 8 pm ? ) =>Confirmed- Indymedia have requested to use the space on 5thNov., from about 4-9 pm; general discussion;fundraiser; maybe food; Food Not Bombs help requestedfor food on the day => Not Confirmed Yet- Save Tara Campaign wants Seomra Spraoi room forevent (fundraiser? or party?) on 29th; we don't want ajoint party, but they are welcome to use the room foroverflow => Confirmed (..but we don't want SeomraSpraoi name to be mentioned)How events are proposed and accepted/rejected- Events are brought to meeting and discussed;short-term events are put in a book; Duncan and Barryvolunteered to be contact/working group for events;- Any group that wants to use the space needs toagree to Seomra Spraoi's safer/positive spaces policybefore they use the space. Eoin mentioned that whileit's easy for a group to pay lip-service to a policy,that doesn't mean they will consider it seriously

Proposal for an Indymedia space in the centre- they offered hardware ( about 10 PCs are available)- 200 euros budgeted- they have access to power tools- they offered to assist in setting up an internalcomputer network- maybe newsdesk/ mini internet cafe?People seemed keen on the idea, but it largely relieson availability of 2nd room => not yet confirmed

- Mono mentioned bringing a belly-dancing group;maybe talking about women's issues?Safe/positive spaces policy- difference between safe and positive space policywas mentioned briefly

- Eoin is typing up a safe-spaces policy that hemight e-mail to the list if he has time?- what is a safe/positive space policy for? Mariannegave a brief explanation
- Cian suggested that this policy needs to coveralcohol and drugs- Needs to be more than words on a sheet?- Call it a 'safe/safer space' policy, or a 'positivespace' policy?

Proposal: Another meeting about this next week, beforeThursday? Monday? Advertise it? 6pm on Monday wasproposed and agreed upon. Suggested agenda:positive/safe space policy; conflict resolution;mechanisms- Marianne might be able to get someone to do a safespaces policy workshop (..not before Monday though)----(..sorry for any mistakes/ommissions - feel free toadd/correct)

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