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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Minutes from Meeting on 15th September




Report on property-viewing
Pallas Heights
September 23rd


Report back on viewing premises:
Rear 63 Morehampton Rd.: an old mechanics/car-parts
place we think; 2 stories; bare inside; reasonably big
yard, but overall William felt it seemed a bit small
for Seomra Spraoi; in residential area also;
neighbours might be a problem
10/11 Lower Liffey St. is in "advanced stages of
negotiation" with another group (..or perhaps already
leased at this stage)
Siobhan suggested looking for other groups to share a
space with - possibly an income-generating group.
The idea of looking into government/other grants was
suggested again


Pallas Heights:
Duncan and ? (William I think) visited artists in
Pallas Heights on Wednesday night. They are a group
who have been given a flat by the council, after about
five years of persistent efforts, and who have turned
the space into a gallery.
Should Seomra Spraoi ask for a similar space on the
basis of a similar idea ( ..bringing art/culture into
a 'derelict' area) ?
It was suggested that we contact the council to
request (/enquire about) a space


Friday 23rd - 'Art' night:
Liberties exhibition will still be on in St. Nicholas
of Myra's Hall; since the standing boards are
currently covered with material for that exhibition,
we can maybe use backs of the boards instead.

If anyone can get a projector for the night, please
let us know.

Suggestions for the night:
Round 1:
Clare: everyone can bring their own art, photos,
videos (needs a projector), essays etc.
Marianne: maybe we could get a traditional Irish music
band; photographs; serve food if there was enough
volunteers and if the kitchen in the hall was free to
use from about 6 onwards
Duncan: fire-throwers outside; discussions and
workshops (maybe upstairs) about 'Theatre of the
Oppressed', building up the radical radio network, and
other things; record/video some of the
discussions/music/events from the evening (e.g. for
Siobhan: a badge-making workshop; maybe a t-shirt
printing workshop as well
William: a collaborative collage

Round 2:
William: get in touch with Barry about belly-dancing
Duncan: a postcard collage
David: people bring cds for music
William: bring laptop; bring photos
Siobhan: people would have to bring their own
t-shirts; donations would be appropriate for badges

Clare mentioned targeting groups to encourage them to
come along


Duncan suggested building an archive of material -
audio/video recordings, written material etc.. Clare
mentioned that it would be up to individuals to store
it in their own places until Seomra Spraoi has a place


William has done a lot of work on the leaflet; the
general consensus seemed to be that it looks good;
printed up on different coloured sheets; work in
progress; suggestions for pictures are welcome

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Arts Night, September 23rd

Seomra Spraoi presents..........

On Friday, September 23rd 2005, at 8pm an evening of arts, performance and music will be held in St Nicholas of Myra, Community Centre, Carmen Hall, just off Francis Street. All artists, musicians and creative souls are invited to join us ordinary people for an Arts extravaganza.

The form of the evening will depend on you - bring art, display some pieces, take part in a workshop and dance along.

Dublin is lacking in places that allow art to be displayed and enjoyed freely. Let's try to change that.

For more information see

Or email fuspey@yahoo.co.uk
or call Clare on 086 3097622

There may be a small cover charge to cover the use of the hall.

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