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Monday, August 29, 2005

Minutes of Meeting 25 August 2005

Seomra Spraoi meeting
Minutes of Meeting

Date: 25.08.’05

Facilitator: Dara
Minutes taken by: Clare
Venue: EENGO Office
Present: About 14 people.


Table Quiz fundraiser:
To be held in basement floor of Doyles bar, near Trinity on Thursday, 1st September at 8.00pm.
Action required: People are to send questions to Henry on
henrysilke@gmail.com or
Everyone is to bring along things that can be used as prices e.g. unwanted presents, vouchers for services etc. Krossie is making a leaflet. Everyone to publicise the event anyway they can. Some people to turn up early to help with set up.
There is also a fundraiser gig planned for the end of September. Plans for that are ongoing.

A leaflet has been prepared to be used to let people know about Seomra Spraoi. The text and layout was discussed. The Credit Union details will be on the back to encourage people to set up standing orders. The front of the leaflet was to say something like “Autonomous Libertarian Social Centre”. It was pointed out that the word Libertarian has different meanings and associations to people in other countries. No actual decision on whether this word would be used on the cover was reached.
Action required: a group of people are to work further on the leaflet layout and text. Anyone with suitable images to send them on. We hope to have the leaflet ready to go as soon as possible. When it is ready we hope to distribute it at events and gigs. Sorry I was in a bit of a daze and never noted who the people working on the leaflet actually are but maybe they included David, Henry, Paul…??

Safe and Positive Space Policy:
Shortty gave an introduction on this issue. Previously it was suggested to use the Safer Spaces idea as a basis for our own policy. Some people felt this approach was too negative and did not encourage individuals to take action themselves or feel empowered… (shit, I’m sure I’ve made a mistake there….).
Action required: Finally, it was decided that Seomra Spraoi would prepare our own policy, starting from the beginning, using various sources including the information that came out of the Belfast Grassroots Gathering. Clare to find the Belfast info and Shortty to work on our “Positive” space policy!

Clare looked at some places on DAFT.ie. More premises to be viewed.
Action required: Mark to look on the Sculpture Society website. Clare to look on DAFT. Everyone to keep an eye out.

There are now three community gardens in Dublin connected in some way to our grassroots/DA type community! Duncan told us about a new garden in Glasnevin. It was stated that we should all view these outdoor places as a type of social centre as they are a similar idea and a great resource.
Action required: If anyone wants to visit the gardens they can get directions from Duncan on fuspey@yahoo.com

The possibility of organising a critical mass or similar event around Car Free day in September was discussed. All agreed this was a good idea.
Action required: to be discussed further at the next meeting.

Next Meeting:
Perhaps there will be an informal meeting at the quiz on Thursday, 1st September.
The next official meeting will be Thursday, 8th September at EENGO at 7.30.

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