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Friday, May 20, 2005

minute from last night

Seomra Spraoi Social Centre Working Group

Attendance 11


Money: We made 108 euros from Mayday gig in the end. ½ promised to Dissent First Aid group. They’ve already paid but noted they hadn’t donated anything of St Nicholas of Myras. Proposed to give 50 euros to dissent but explain that it would be good to give some of it to the hall. Dara has donation forms for “one off” donations.

Moore Street: The rumour is that the rent increase was voted down in the council. How ever the corpo still aiming for massive redevelopment of the whole area. Krossie, Ruth and Dunc will meet up on Moore street 6 pm on Saturday to talk to some of the traders and “ethnic businesses”

(we’re meeting at pound city and other people are very welcome to come along – food not bombs rep would be very good…)

Garden: Meeting planned for EENGO – next week – talk to Ruth for details

Most of the discussion was focused on AOB

(I can read some of it back next week).

We will be talking about it again next week please come along!

Next meeting: EENGO Thursday 7.30

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Friday, May 13, 2005

minutes 12/05/2005

Seomra Spraoi Social Centre Working Group

Attendance 7 + 1 little feller
(there’s loads so print out and have a read!)

Bank/donations: Dara will do a form for just one off donations
We will get E Mail address off any donators and add to a data bass to receive a bimonthly news letter about what we’re up to plus add them to mailing list and blogg.
Talks in Colleges about what we’re trying to do:
Ask oisin for TCD anarchists, Dara and Shorty will look into UCD.
We will all push the standing order forms hard amongst friends and contacts, as it’ll be a major source of finance for now any way.
Suggested that we come up with a more recognisable brand/logo/image + database of people who want space + charge them to register and a standard “begging letter/proposal”(this is mainly in connection with Christian’s proposal – see later)
– Dara has already done a letter saying who we are and looking for help.
Arty Event: Much discussion – put off for detailed discussion next week
Zines: OK ideas for at least 4 DIFFERENT zines now being tossed around
double a3 news sheet just based on a data bass (access or what ever) that would advertise gigs and events and keep same template (also could be put on web and emailed as attachment to members) – modelled on Usurper (Barcelona) – at least every 2 months – needs regular E Mail address to which all announcements could be sent
An occasional add on to the zine above with more detail on seomra spraoi – articles about what we’d like in a centre etc etc
A zine specifically around Art Event explaining it in depth.
A regular (bimonthly) seomra spraoi E-mailed newsletter to members and contacts
Art Action: Meeting last night. Seoidin explained an interesting new idea based around texted “instruction” – will start next week so watch out for strange texts….
Also suggested by Fernanda that next Seomra Spraoi be an arts based thing rather then a music gig.
Moore Street: Rents for street traders being increased from 125 to 700 e per year. This is a 500% increase and obvious first step in kicking em out to make way for massive shopping centre (based partly on old Carlton Cinema).
Pointed out that F N B, Grass roots and us have got massive free food donations from Moore Street traders over the years, in fact, almost every week! Also pointed out that traders have fought back before to keep their stalls and even rioted in the 1980s (see Mark for video).
They do usually act through political representatives such as Christie Burke and Tony Gregory so we should be careful and not “take over”. Mark and Seoidin will try to chat to them tomorrow.
We will base any support on The TRADER’S IDEAS AND REQUIRMENTS.
How ever good suggestion for a street picnic, which we might put to them. We could market it as “First Annual Moore Street Festival” Seoidin to ask some of the indoor businesses on Moore Street for a meeting space (Chritian is also going to check if we can get an old Library bus for meetings!!)
Christian’s Proposal: Christian has been working on the idea of a sort of leftwing Property Management Company. This would be very professional, well managed and possibly even financially solvent. Artists and others seeking space would register their needs and pay a fee via a webpage. It would probably look for a full time office. It would identify spaces throughout the city and match with needs. He has done a lot of work in Chapel Lizard.. He has very good contact with local residents. There are a lot of empty buildings with contested ownership worth investigating. Pointed out that it was a bit far out especially for a “drop in “ type centre. However it would be much more sheltered from the constant threat of commercial development then spaces in town.
He will draw up a detailed proposal that could be put to local groups/residents.
Locations: Dara has noticed a lot of deserted property near top (away from river) end of Capel street. Christian pointed out that massive redevelopment due very soon. Again it was suggested that we really should talk to Food Co-op as they are interested in moving to daily openings and need a place. Seoidin and Ruth to talk to them.
Community Garden: Ruth and Seoidin both involved. Work continuing plus they were pleased with Sunday Times article. Food not Bombs picnic planned there shortly plus we could have meetings there if there is ever a summer in this god forsaken country. Pointed out that local contact and involvement essential if it is to go on in the long term.
Plans afoot for more gardens.
Warehouse: Conor believed renting is not feasible due to lack of finance, but more especially due to lack of people and organisation. Suggestion made by Eoinsy that we might sound proof one room and make into rehearsal space. This would give good income and mean that 2 or 3 bands using space so would be looked after to some extent. Would need back line PA and strong room for gear plus soundproofing would be an initial cost. Christian is in a band looking for just such a space. It was suggested that as income rolls in we could de-emphasise the rehearsal rooms and begin to turn it more into a real social centre after a few months.
Also pointed out that the massive advantage is that already a huge amount of good work under way e.g. café, bike workshop, library etc etc.
Christian + Eoinsy will call to Sudden Death Sunday to access the possibilities.
Meeting in 2 WEEKS will look into the warehouse and how feasible it would be to rent it.
ANYONE interested should try to get down.
Everyone should bring their own “management plan” of how we could run it and pay the rent for at least 6 months.
It was also suggested (Ruth) – that we practise running some place like St Nicholas for one day a week. If warehouse not a runner this should be looked into

Next Meeting: Next Thursday (19th May) EENGO – above bounty stores Camden street – opposite side of the road to the Camden de luxe drink factory

Disco in Bohs bar on Saturday night – not sure for whom but bound to be an excellent cause!
Eoinsy has not one but two photocopiers to get rid off.
Suggested we might just bring em onto the street and offer free printing to the masses. Street art collective also interested in one.Street art collective now working out of warehouse contact Reddy or Dara

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