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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Meeting Notice and Agenda

Seomra spraoi: Social Centre general organising

8pm - EENGO -Camden Str

All welcome

There will be an general organising meeting this
Thursday 17th at 7pm in the EENGO office (above the
bounty store,across from the palace), Camden street.


focusing on

finding location
choosing preparing gig pencilled in 4th of march

so whats on the agenda


a band for the gig?
running order of gig and what were doing at it
checking we have equipment for video etc
organising cooking


organising location scouting


food regulations
feedback from anybody who hasn't been to meeting in a
frische idea...?

first look at constitution

We are looking for more people or groups who think
they could help with the project in any way or
possible co-host events of the type that one day may
be held in the such a centre.



note there is now a low volume announce list at


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Friday, February 18, 2005

Minutes From The Latest Meeting

Sarah, Declan and Helen from Blackfort Organics came down to the meeting. Blackfort are an independent collective promoting music and art events such as their physical remix project on one of Herv's badly pressed 7"s

They are very interested in the social space idea. They have already done some reconnaissance around esp the docks and wind mill lane area. Sarah also proposed the idea of a joint gig in the Old Fish Market in Stoneybatter which is used as a car park but free on a Sunday (owned by city council). They have a detailed gig proposal that they already used to organise a big event in the digital hub (Thomas Street). They also can get cheap insurance on gigs up to July via EAPA. They will all be added to the list - we also promised to help them get a video projector on occasion and they will keep us informed of their events.

The Gig:

After a bit of discussion we decided to turn March 4th into a benefit for the
Ploughshares plane smashing crew who are up in the Forecourts on March 7th
Paul to go after Ploughshares video at their meeting on Saturday morning. Clare might also have a short video on action at Fastlane. Helen from Blackfort knows a blues man she'll ask. krossie to check with Chekov re 'prison blues' who do bluegrass interpretations of heavy metal classics in an old-timey 1930s southern white trash prisoner styley. Krossie, Aline and Paul also talked further with happy city Samba band but so far we still haven't got a confirmation that they can do either March 4th or April 1st but we have put it to them any way. Krossie work on poster design which can be filled out as info comes in.

We need a bigger place to do food the day before - would Cian's place be available ???

Scouting Locations:

Blackfort crew already checked some locations and would work with us looking at more. Sarah made the point that you could almost track across
the city looking at places like the digital hub which are just about to be redeveloped but could be used for one offs. In fact it might be a good project in itself to map how the city was being redeveloped in a rolling series of gigs in places just about to be rebuilt (yeah arty I know but still..)

Also mentioned that once places are found ownership can be checked in:

Thoms directory - (http://www.thoms.ie/content/index.asp - just an add for it!) which is in Dublin County Council and the Ilac Libray
and the Land Registary office in Setanta house though neither may be 100% accurate

We came up with some criteria for judging places and divided the city into 16 rough search areas - which different groups can do.
Contact me: krossie 087 6591564 or E-mail if you've checked out any area so the one place isn't done two or three times!

Criteria (these are a few we came up it - more welcome!)

That the place be reasonably large (for gigs, meetings etc)
That it be away from residential
That its not in a very high demand areas
Signs that it may be redeveloped soon (but not immediately!)
That it be reasonably structurely sound
Access to public transport - DART/bus/Luas etc

Other Tips

Take notes
Take pictures
Record EXACT location
Come back during a weekday to recheck if building that looked deserted
on a Sunday is being used after all

We made a very rough split of the city into sixteen search zones (oh
the excitement!)

(we have these on a map which hopefully can be scanned)

Dolhins Barn
Town Centre (Trinity side)
Town Centre (Stephen's Green Side)
North wall
Leeson Street
black hall Place
O Connell Street area

So people just need to pick an area and a nice day and go to it

Communications Group:

This idea was bought up by Cian

To talk to other social centres and groups here and all over the world.
Keep records and do posters, flyers etc. Maintain Blog/web page

Krossie and Aline joined up but we need more people


It was suggested that we give everyone a little questionnaire for the
next gig asking what they want from centre what they could do etc etc

Any volunteers?

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